"Great churches have great stories."



We believe...

...Great Churches Have Great Stories. 

The great stories are of God and people having a divine collision that unlocks destiny & purpose.  Brings healing & restoration.  Delivers hope & life.  This, in part, is how Great Stories unfold.

The Dream Centre Church has a compassionate commitment towards the Word of God and getting out there and involved in our community to make a signifigant difference.

We believe the Word of God to be the highest authority in the earth. We believe God’s Word is life, and has the capacity to bring change.  It has the power to fuel the Great Stories being told.

The Word of God gives us the tools to embrace & engage in the story-line of "Great Churches Have Great Stories"

You, are one of those Great Stories!



The birth of a church

The DreamCentre Church was God's idea, embedded into the hearts of Al and Ester Derry. For many years Al traveled Canada with a team speaking in churches and camps across our nation. What he saw throughout those years convinced him a change was needed. Just telling people God loved them wasn't enough. There needed to be more action. And so the DreamCentre was birthed - with a heart for the community in which it lives in; but rather than tell people Jesus loved them, we would show them first.  Just like Jesus did.

In 2000, The DreamCentre Church: Medicine Hat, Alberta was the first location planted. We started meeting in a conference room in a local hotel on Tuesday nights while transforming an old car dealership into a facility to meet the needs of people in our city. Easter Sunday 2002 was our inaugural Sunday service. Then, in 2008, in obedience to God's calling, Al left Medicine Hat with a team to plant a church in the heart of Vancouver, BC.  Pastors Greg and Tabitha Keen had taken over the leadership of the house for the next eight and a half years before stepping down in March of 2017, to allow the House to grow even more under new leadership.

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Al + Ester Derry


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With over 3 decades of marriage and 3 decades of ministry, Al & Ester carry a passion to see God’s people live at their maximum potential. They truly believe that nothing is impossible with God…that every life matters…that purpose & destiny are the drivers of a satisfied life.  Purpose & destiny are in the DNA of every life, placed there by God Himself.

Allan & Ester have two married sons, 2 grandsons and now two wonderful granddaughters!