Our biggest event of the year.

2001 marked the very first Christmas at the DC. We opened up our doors to the city of Medicine Hat for those who needed some extra blessings at Christmas time. They came for an exceptional sit-down dinner and every child 16 years of age and younger received a Christmas gift as well as a visit from the big guy in a red suit. The event was such a success and so enjoyed by those who attended and by those who volunteered that we've done it every year since. It has grown since that first one in 2001 and we now pack the Dream Centre Church to capacity each year with seating for just over 500 people. It is a joy to host, feed, and honor so many people in our city each year. It is a gift to see a child's eyes light up as they open what may be their only present that Christmas. It is truly a highlight in our calendar year and it's hard to say who anticipates it more - those who attend, or the approximately 100 amazing volunteers who help serve at this event every year.


If you would like to give to this event, you can do so by visiting our giving page and specifically selecting 'Christmas at the Dream Centre Church'.