We're stronger together

What we can achieve together is far greater than what any one of us could ever do on our own.  We don't under estimate the power of this truth.  No matter who you are or what you do, there's a place for you here to get involved in an area of your skills, talents and/or abilities. 

 If a church is great, it's because the people are great. 


Click here and let us know where you want to get involved!

Need an idea for what you can help with? Here's a few starting points.

Kidz Unlimited

Tomorrow's generation, today.  If you love pouring into kids and profoundly influencing their foundations and development, you'll be right at home here.



Our worship and media team has no shortage of opportunity for those with musical talents and passions.  But fear not, an instrument isn't the only way to be involved on this team. Besides the obvious (instruments and singing), there's always room for audio engineers, lighting techs, sound techs, gear heads, media personel, podcasting and stage design.



Telling people they're welcome isn't enough. They need to feel it. This team greets every single person to walk through the doors on a Sunday morning. A smile, handshake and even a hug here n' there, goes a long way. These people enjoy it immensely.