Spanish Church

Every year, migrant workers come to Medicine Hat to work in the many greenhouses in the surrounding area.  It’s been the heart of Spanish Church to share the Gospel with these workers and serve them in various ways without language being a barrier.

Led by Pastor Pablo and Patricia Reyes, Spanish Church at the Dream Centre Church began in 2004 although they’ve been serving the Spanish people since 1978.  

With Spanish Church operating from April to November, every Sunday the volunteers prepare a supper for everyone to enjoy, along with providing free haircuts, clothes and bicycles.

As bicycles are the primary mode of transportation for most of the workers throughout their time in Medicine Hat, it is our goal to provide a bicycle for every single worker while they are here in the city with us.  If you would like to help or donate a bicycle (in any condition as we have people who are happy to do repairs) please let us know!

Some of the ways we serve include:
- Driving Buses
- Meal preparation for approximately 100 people every Sunday
- Teaching English and learning Spanish at the same time
- Hair cuts
- Computer Skills


To learn more or get involved, contact the Dream Centre Church (403-527-9917) or reach Pastor Pablo by email.




spanish church info:

Service: 6pm-7pm @ the dreamcentre church

Dinner: 7pm

English classes, hair cuts, computer access, assistance with paperwork or health questions: 7pm - 9pm

*Meal and post-service programs are all complimentary.


for more information on the bus ministry or volunteer opportunities, please contact Pablo via email or call 403.527.9917